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Your Skilled Air Conditioning Professionals in Northwest Atlanta
Serving Paulding and Cobb County Areas

There is one place that you can always count on whenever you have heating or air conditioning problems. DR Cool does Paulding and Cobb County Air Conditioning Repairs just the way that you need them. Call us and you’ll be cool once again.

A home should be made to be comfortable. When it’s not, it can be very miserable especially without a working heater or air conditioner (depending on what seasons it is ). Whenever you need a HVAC Contractor that is able to handle such conditions, call DR Cool.


Superior Air Conditioning Services

superior-air-conditioning-servicesIt’s the middle of summer and out of nowhere your air conditioner decides to go. Who do you call? Where do you go for quality repairs? You can start by calling in DR Cool. Day or night, we’re the HVAC techs that care about the temps in your home. When it comes to air conditioning repairs, we got you covered.

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Skilled Heating Technicians, Ready To Work

skilled-heating-techniciansYou won’t find a lot of techs that are willing to go the extra distance that it takes to make customers happy, you will always find that at DR Cool. Your home should be warm during the cold Georgia months. From November to April, you probably run your heater a good bit. Call us as we’re able to work on all types of heating systems.

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Clean Air In Your Home or Business

clean-air-in-your-home-or-businessIf you’re experiencing problems with your breathing, then more than likely, it’s the air quality in your homer, but don’t worry. DR Cool is here to save the day. We do whole home humidifiers and air cleaners for your convenience. You’ll eliminate the dry air from your home and replace it with fresh air. If that sounds good, call us.

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Why You Should Choose Us For Your Georgia Comfort Needs

Why waste your time going with anyone other than DR Cool? We’re the HVAC pros. Ask your neighbors as they’ll tell you for heating and cooling needs, we’re the best that there is. Calling us for an appointment is the first step.

The reason that you should go with our services is that were the real professionals. When you find professionals like us who care, then make us your HVAC company of choice. When things go wrong, there is no one better to call on. From air conditioning to heating, we have you covered.

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Professional Comfort Technicians Serving Northwest Atlanta

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If you are looking for a Northwest Atlanta Air Conditioning Expert then please call 678-952-2323 or complete our online request form.

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